I began a list of books under our 2013-14 School Year tab, slacked off on recording the list mid-year, and am now (desperately) trying to start it back up.  I'll just keep one big running list, not sorted by years or levels. It'll help me remember books that my kids enjoyed. Here is a rough list of our reading:

The Finisher - Baldacci
The RedHeaded Princess - Rinaldi
The Forbidden Stone / Copernicus Legacy series - Abbott
Stravaganza City of Stars - Hoffman
Sisters Grimm series
Mysterious Edge of the Heroice World - Konigsburg
Hatching Magic - Downer
Half Moon - Colfer
500 Handmade Books vol 2
The False Prince - Nielsen
Harriet the Spy - Fitzhugh
The Truth of Me - MacLachlan
Maddigan's Fantasia - Mahy
The One and Only Ivan - Applegate
The Dragon Diary - Steer
Artemis Fowl and the Lost Colony
The Secret Zoo (series) - Chick
Once Upon a Curse (1st in a series) - Baker
On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness - Peterson
North or Be Eaten - Peterson (2nd book in On the Edge of the Dark Sea)
Questors - Lennon
Way of Kings - Brandon
Words of Radiance (2nd book) - Brandon
The Magician's Elephant - DiCamillo
Demon King - Chima
Pathfinder - Orson Scott Card
Wee free men - Pratchett

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