2015-16 School Year

Here's a list of our Books, Programs, and Activities for the 2014-15 School Year.

A (14-turned-15 year old / 10th grade)
Challenge 1 Classical Conversations Program:
Debate - Introduction to Policy Debate, Immigration Policy, Affirmative team
Shakespeare - Taming of the Shrew (playing the part of the shrew)
Latin - Henle Latin 1, entirety of the text
Science - Apologia Physical Science with Labs, research project
Literature/Composition - several literature pieces from American Literature, including Nathanial Hawthorne, Herman Melville, Edgar Allan Poe, Mark Twain...An analysis and written composition relating to several of these books, based upon Lost Tools of Writing instruction.
American Government - documents that have formed and changed our government over time.  A study of a timeline of events, U.S. Presidents, and brief summary of each event and president's impact on our history.  Each week, reads 1+ documents and writes a summary of a document.  Memorization of U.S Presidents, Preamble to the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and 2nd paragraph of the Declaration of Independence.
Math - Math U See Geometry (at home); select problems from Saxon Algebra 1 in class

Protocol - CC class provides a study in proper etiquette, and a special evening event to practice what has been learned.  This year, the class will be dining at an Italian restaurant and attending 2 Cellos performance.

Co-op: Yearbook Staff (will develop our co-op's yearbook publication), Improv (Drama), Austentatious (reading through 4 of Jane Austen's novels, and class discussion), and Careers.

Regency Ball??- the co-op class will have an opportunity to attend a Regency Ball.

Z (12-turning-13 / 8th grade)
Challenge A, Classical Conversations program
Math: Saxon 8/7
Latin: 1st 15 lessons in Henle Latin 1
Debate: Geography - draw the world from memory.  Capitols/states/territories/countries.  Geography terms and definitions.
Science: general science research topics, including Earth science, Astronomy, and Biology.  Weekly 5 paragraph report on an assigned topic, using 2 sources (or more), a labeled sketch, and a bibliography following the MLA format.
Rhetoric: It Couldn't Just Happen and Fallacy Detective (logic)
Literature/Composition: various good books and a written analysis of different character issues based upon Lost Tools of Writing instruction.

Co-op: Japanese Culture, Eating for Life (Healthy Eating/Cooking), Off the Cuff Improv (Drama), and CSI Detectives

G (6 / 1st grade)
Foundations, Classical Conversations program
Math U See Alpha
Reading: easy readers, level 1, level 2
Handwriting: Handwriting Without Tears 1st grade (completed)
Phonics and handwriting: Explode the Code 3

Co-op: Outside my window (weather), Tinkerlab (messy science), PE/Gym, and Once Upon a Time (literature)

AWANA: 2nd year book Sparks

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