Thursday, September 14, 2017


Today, the 8yo accomplished:

  • Lesson 15 in Saxon Math 3

  • A whole week of writing lessons in the IEW Bible Heroes book!

  • A section of Apologia Astronomy Lesson 2 (read to her and discussed)

  • Encyclopedia: G Gabon, Africa

  • AWANA memory work and workbook 1.1

  • CC memory work - reviewing weeks 1 & 2

In Astronomy, we've been discussing how we revolve around the sun (a year), spin (a day/night), and tilt (seasons). Yesterday, we watched a "They Might Be Giants" video about the gas/atomic composition of the sun, and it repeated the info in our textbook nicely (93,000,000 miles away, how we need it to survive, etc.).  Today, more info was added about revolving and rotating, adding the moon's path to our orbit.

We took turns reading Gabon from G Encyclopedia aloud.  We talked about forestry, why the people speak French, the government party system, how President Bongo converted to Islam, and how he was president for a really long time.

We watched a video about how hurricanes form off of the West coast of Africa (dry, hot air mixes with cold, wet air and creates storms that are carried across the ocean).

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