Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Challenge 2 week 3

Monday was the First Official Day for Foundations and Essentials, so we had a full campus with everyone in attendance.  It was great fun and I enjoyed seeing snippets of my 7yo throughout the day!

Devotion: we read through Philippians 1:1-11, with a focus on Phil 1:9-11.  I liked how love, knowledge, and discernment were tied together in verse 9.

Math: our math lesson was easy, although there were two that stumped us.  We'll ask 'the Dad' later.  We worked on isolating variables.  It reminded me a lot of Logic...

Latin: we've found a groove here.  We start by walking the parking lot, working on vocab.  Next, we race (or copy) making a chart of something (yesterday, we did qui, quae, quod).  And then we work on translating.  My student is ahead of me, so she explains stuff:)  There is no better way to learn something or to understand something than to teach it!

Biology: we looked at bacteria under the microscope - streptococcus and e. coli.  Then, we looked at yogurt with live, active cultures (yum!) We reviewed the Lab Journal, and practiced with some entries and drawings.  We discussed the different shapes of bacteria.

Logic: we reviewed our past Traditional Logic lesson and then worked ahead by reading aloud, discussing, and answering questions.  We played with words, and added new "analogous" terms to our list throughout the day as we thought of them. (Literature discussion, later, is an awesome time to add in analogous terms).  We ended with a rousing rendition of Strunk & White.  So far, I've adopted the "omit needless words" and "if you don't know how to pronounce something, say it loud!" mantras:)

LUNCH!  I checked on the 7yo, who was really more interested in playing with friends at lunch.

Literature: I love the literature and the discussions we have.  (Happy sigh).  My student liked Knight's Tale far better than Beowulf, and this really sparked the conversation on heroes and comparing the characters of Knight's Tale with Beowulf.  We also did a play-by-play on what happened in Knight's Tale and analyzed it.  We ended the class with beginning a read-aloud of Sir Gawain.  We spent this class period outside at the church/youth campfire and swing area.

Debate:  We learned about/discussed the moral, ethical, and artistic ramifications of the Renaissance, and added to the timeline in class.



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