Friday, December 30, 2011

Weekly Review, Week 18 2011

December 19 - 23 marked Week 18 of our schoolyear (half way thru, woohoo!)

completed lessons 114-117 in Math, which included dividing fractions, dividing fractions by a whole number, dividing a fraction by a fraction, and the start of ratios.  She did 4 days of Encyclopedia.  She also did piano practice.  She has the next two weeks off from AWANA.

we put Horizons 3, book 2 on hold for awhile to work on multiplication facts.  She was able to memorize most of her multiplication facts, but is still slow on the recall (and still skip counting on fingers for some of them).  We will continue to work on multiplication facts after the Christmas break.  I've also ordered a few other books for her to work through while we wait to jump back into Horizons 3.  She completed 4 days of Encyclopedia, and also did piano practice.  Her reward for memorizing math facts was a movie day with her daddy.  Although she wasn't able to complete the facts within the specified amount of time (100 problems, 5 minutes), we fulfilled the reward anyway.  Her daddy has had the time off from work and it was a good time for them to go.  They went to see TinTin in 3D, and loved it:)

Science: Science gets honorable mention as something that continues on in the household.  The bean and corn plants are sprouting like mad.  We still have our emptied coffee jar of swamp water, and we can still see our tiny shrimp-like friend swimming through the stinky muck, lol.  I have to say, swamp water pets are some of the easiest, cheapest pets to keep.

Another thing that gets honorable mention: Cookie Baking.  A followed a sugar cookie recipe, rolled out the dough, and cut the shapes.  I did the oven part, but she did the rest.  Both kids decorated.  A also helped me with the Brutzel Bar recipe and Oreo Truffles.  I love having a cook in the house:)  I think Home Ec has been completed!

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