Sunday, December 18, 2011

Weekly Review, Week 17, 2011

The dad was in Colorado during the week, so we spent Sunday-Wednesday night on our own.  We pulled everyone's mattresses into the basement (down 2 flights of stairs) and camped out next to the wood pellet stove.  Our nights were nice and toasty warm!
Monday: we had Science Experiment day with our friends, and gymnastics in the afternoon
Tuesday:  we drove back to gymnastics (1.5 hour round trip) to pick up the 11yo's phone (grrr).  We also visited the library, and had friends over in the evening to visit.
Wednesday:  we had friends over in the afternoon and had AWANA in the evening.  AWANA had an ice cream flavored Christmas party.  The dad arrived home around 1:30-2am Wed/Thurs.
Thursday: we went to the library for the gingerbread house workshop and each kid made a yummy candy house out of graham crackers, frosting, and goodies.  Georgie calls it "cake" lol, and has finished eating each candy off and thoroughly licked each cracker.
Friday were uneventful days, and we finished our schooling for the week.

Honorable mention: She worked very hard on her AWANA verses and passed 12 sections, which included memorizing 17 Bible verses, reciting the questions/answers, and doing activities.  She had to help a friend for an hour, do a 4-day devotional and make her own book. and complete a 3-day search site.
In Math, she continued to work on fractions, including subtracting with unlike denom, mixed numbers, finding the fraction of a number (2/3 of 12), multiplying fractions, and multiplying mixed numbers.  By lesson 113 on Friday, she had forgotten how to convert mixed numbers into improper fractions, and I realized we might need something to help us remember what we're doing and why.
She completed days 57-60 in Spelling.
In Science, we planted bean and corn seeds with friends and filled in the experiment sheets.  We'll be watching to see what number of seed leaves come up, to determine if the plants are dicot or monocot.
We started back with History, and she read chapters 16-19, which continues with the American Revolution, John Witherspoon, Daniel Boone, Gen James Robertson, Gov John Sevier, and Gen Putnam. 
She completed 5 days of encyclopedia.

Completed somewhere around lesson 110 in Math, but really fell apart after a few days of long division (two types: 19 / 4, which has a remainder, and 84/ 4, which divides evenly).  I'm wondering if we'll ever move beyond 3rd grade math, lol.  I remember hitting this same wall with another child of mine, once upon a time.  So.  We are going to start on Math Fact Practice next week.  I think we will follow this plan: Learn the Multiplication Facts in Seven Days.  And then, we'll start back simple and build on.  I'm looking for another math text to pull in to guide us, but haven't found anything yet. 
She completed days 51-54 in Spelling.
She completed 5 days of encyclopedia.
She did the same thing for science as her sister (see above).
She read far more history than was on the schedule.  She seems to really like history, so I think I'll let her keep going, and then add in another book if she needs more later in the year.  She read through Chapter 20.
She passed 2 sections at AWANA.

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