Saturday, September 18, 2010

Weekly Review - Week 5 9/13-17 2010

This week brought a broken tooth (mine) and a homeschool support meeting on Monday. The day was full of dentist, cleaning house, and the support meeting. Some school was done, too. We had our AWANA program on Wed night. We had Homeschool Park Day on Friday.

Here's what we accomplished academically:

In Math, the 9yo started the chapter on Multiplication. We also started back with learning Math Facts, because she sorely needs to learn her multiplication tables. The 7yo is still working on adding/subt large numbers with renaming (regrouping, carrying/borrowing - whatever!).

In English, the 9yo was stumped on prepositions, so we dropped that and wrote a Compare/Contrast report comparing herself with her baby sister. The 7yo wrote a How-To Report, and her chosen topic was How to Play Pet Status (it's a game she made up that drives her 9yo sister crazy). She wrote it in cursive: the writing and effort she put into it was so great that I simply cannot bring myself to edit it. So it will remain as-is.

We did 1 day of science. We did 4 or 5 days of History. And we did 2 days of Quotations. In Science, the 9yo started the chapter on mass, matter, etc. The 7yo started the chapter on Plants. Science really did me in, so this was the first on the list to go (when I realized I was losing my mind). History - they read about William Penn, Isaac Newton, John Locke, and Peter the Great.

The 16.5 month old is taking 2-3 steps at a time. She asks to "walk? walk?" which means she wants me to stand her up and let her walk to me. By the weekend, she was taking a few 4-5 steps between things, and trying to walk to different things on her own. I predict that she'll be walking full-force in another two weeks.

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