Monday, October 5, 2009

Weekly Review 9/28-10/2

Yeah, I'm a week late and a dollar short:) Here's our weekly review:

3rd grader: She finished the chapter on Measurement in Math, started Fractions. She aced her Spelling list in 3 days. In English, she learned about verbs, linking verbs, & present/past/future tense verbs. She completed 4 days of Familiar Quotations copywork, including "The great god Pan is dead!" by Plutarch, which has me intrigued because it rings familiar with the Percy Jackson series...She put much effort into skimping out on her Writing assignment and then I didn't push the issue (yeah, we need to work on that!) She wrote a birthday card to Daddy for one of her assignments. She read a play about Paul Revere in Reading.

2nd grader: She finished the chapter on measurement in Math. She had a temper tantrum over her Spelling list, and I gave up on it for this week. I think she is frustrated by having her spelling mistakes set in stone in writing. So next week, we'll do the same list but use letter tiles (which aren't permanent like writing is!) She read a story about a boy with allergies in Reading. She also seems to do Writing assignments in her Reading & English book without a hitch (yay!). She also wrote a birthday card to Daddy for his birthday. In English, she learned about commas in a series, and finished the unit on nouns. In Handwriting, she learned the letters u, y, and i (she loves learning cursive, so far...)

Science & History: not so much, LOL.

Field trips: Apple Orchard. Very nice place. It was a rainy, muddy day. Before this trip, I had been depressed all week because motherhood seems quite difficult right now. But after lugging a baby and 2 adventuresome girls through an apple orchard made of mud and animals, and various challenges, I felt very Empowered! LOL. If I can climb in and out of a haywagon with a baby attached, then nothing can stop me!
We also went to a Clothing Swap: we picked up oodles of clothes and I found a donor for my oodles of breastmilk, yay! It's a beautiful story of a foster mom that saved a preemie's life through breastmilk donations - incredible! I'm so blessed to have been able to pump breastmilk for 2 mos and succeed in getting my baby to the breast; how even more awesome that I could contribute the milk to a baby in need:)

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Lisa said...

You are WOMAN!!! Empowered is right!