Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Z had to write a story for her reading assignment a few days ago, about a lost lamb. Here is her story:

I lost my baby lamb one day. I shirley couldn't find it but to my surprise it was in a pokey bush!

And she drew a picture of a lake, field, and pokey bush. I thought it was a cute story.

A note was passed in class yesterday and it caused quite a disruption. It was written by A. and this is what it said:

afterschool howabout we ask mama if we can watch Lord of the Rings. it is the only movie we can watch. mama won't let us watch Harry Potter the 3rd. Wright yes or no in the box

She only writes when secretly concocting devious plans, LOL. And notice, she capitalizes movie names correctly.


Lisa said...

ROFL The note was too cute!

And I love Z's story.

Robyn said...

giggle on the note!