Monday, October 5, 2009

2009-2010 School Year

**Work in Progress** Will update as year progresses

School Books:
Alaithia: BJU Math 3, BJU English 3, BJU Reading 3, BJU Spelling 3, Writing With Ease with Aesop's Fables, Familiar Quotations, AWANA T&T Book 2

Zoiya: BJU Math 2, BJU English 2, BJU Reading 2, BJU Spelling 2, Writing With Ease with Aesop's Fables, AWANA Sparks Book 3

Science: Real Science 4 Kids Pre-Chemistry (Science), Mammals, a study on Owls, a study on Bats,
History: Story of the World 2 Medieval Times

Field Trips:
Van Hoosen Farm Museum - how children lived, worked, & played in olden days
Seven Ponds Nature Center (Fall 2009)- Zoiya took a class about Beavers, Alaithia took a class about Native Americans and how they used nature for their daily living needs.
Porter's Apple Orchard
Fire Station - fire safety
Seven Ponds Nature Center (Winter 2010) - Animals and Plant Life Cycles
(Spring 2010) Water and Water Animals/Insects
Moose Tree Nature Preserve (Jan 2010) - Snow and Ice – Learn about the formation of snowflake, do some snow experiments, and animal adaptations that help them to survive in winter. (Feb 2010) Rocks & Minerals. (Mar 2010) Animal Adaptations
Macomb Ballet Company - Cinderella Ballet
Summer Wind Animal Sanctuary
Civil War Encampment (Alaithia only)

Co-op Classes / Extra Curricular:
Soccer Camp - 5 days
2 VBS programs

Alaithia's co-op classes: Odyssey of the Mind, Lego Robotics, Dance/Drama, Choir
Zoiya's co-op classes: Peter Rabbit (Beatrix Potter), All About Me (human body), Hero Classics (famous people in history), Lego Robotics


Lisa said...

I love this idea!!!

~Byn There said...

It all looks great, have a blast. Gotta try and stop in for some more Gg snuggles sometime!!

Blessings to all.