Thursday, October 8, 2015

Week 4 Update

Georgie has finished through Lesson 8 in Math U See Alpha, which includes solving for the unknown (2 + what = 8?). This week, we've introduced +9 facts through 9+9.

She's finished the Bob Books K Sight Words books, and worked through all the double consonant blend words and stories in Reading Reflex. Now we're working through Bob Jones 1st grade readers.

Handwriting: finishing 1st gr HWT.

Awana memory verses - earned her badge, almost earned 1st red jewel.

Learning about animals and plants at CC. Our classes made these big posters of classification and sorted lifeforms into categories. Our awesome campus director put a symbol key on the backs of the pics so tutors could better teach this subject:) It was a great discussion, and some happy supplemental learning happened this week. Georgie and I found 2 turtles on our nature walk about the yard. We also picked up some welcome cattails and some unwelcome picker seeds that attached to our clothing.

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