Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Updates are back! least for my 6 yo. I originally started blogging our weeks when the oldest kids were 3 and 5. This blog started around age 7 for the oldest child, I think (you could scroll through the archives and double check me). It began when dh wanted to know what we did all day long, and I didn't have the foggiest idea, lol. Blogging became a way to remember what we did, celebrate successes, and track milestones. Sometimes blogging also worked as a mental note (i.e., reminder to work on some skills that are lacking). We realized that we could really use this record keeping tool again for the youngest, whose day sometimes gets lost in the shuffle of older kids' schooling. So here it is...

Math: we've knocked out 5 weeks of Math U See Alpha, and started Week 6 today. She's mastered place value (ones, tens, hundreds), adding 0 and adding 1, counting and writing numbers to 100, and skip counting to 10.

Reading: over the summer she and I tag-team some easy picture books, and she has mastered a big set of Dick and Jane books. I felt she needed some phonics work, so a few weeks ago, I pulled out Reading Reflex, and we worked through all C-V-C words. This week, we'll work on blends (CCVC words).

Writing: we're simultaneously working on sound spelling (phonics), or translating words into sounds into written letters. She is also cruising through Handwriting Without Tears 1st gr book.

Next week:
We will start Classical Conversations!!! Georgie will be in Foundations. I'll be tutoring Foundations (a.m.) and Essentials (p.m.). Since Georgie is too young for Essentials, she'll be in the childcare room, while I get to be lead learner to a fantastic group of 9-12 year olds.

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