Saturday, April 18, 2015

Wrapping up 2014-15

Our 2014-15 school year is drawing to an end like a card game of Go Fish.  It was an incredible year!  Our year was everything I wanted for my children and more.  Here's a recap:

14 Year Old - Challenge A
My 14yo has 3 weeks left of Challenge A.  Her accomplishments:
  • She's finished Algebra I, and began Geometry. 
  • She's memorized 54 catechism questions relating to earth science and biology,
  • memorized countries and capitals around the globe and can draw them freehand,
  • has read 10 good books and will have written 10 persuasive essays on an ethical issue,
  • will have completed 15 lessons from Henle Latin, with a solid understanding of the vocabulary, rules, and grammar.
  • Researched, sketched, labeled, and presented biological topics and the 8 body systems for science
  • Learned multiple fallacies used to persuade and manipulate thinking
  • On the horizon is a dissection (which she will sit out, thank you very much.  Her 12 yo sister will take her place!), Blue Book assessments and a celebration, and delivery of a Christian Apologetics paper.
12 Year Old - Foundations and Essentials
My 12yo has 1 week left of Foundations and Essentials.  Her accomplishments:
  • Memory Master - Yay!  (throws confetti in the air) (this deserves a blog post...)
  • part way through Math 8/7 in Saxon (yes, we switched.  This deserves another blog post...)
  • Completion of several IEW style essays, including a biographical essay, Faces of History
  • 24 weeks of English grammar
  • Foundations: 24 weeks x 7 subjects = oh-my-goodness, this kid knows a lot of stuff to mastery!
  • On the horizon: a summer of math.  (booo! lol).  She'll sit in place of her sister's dissection (some kids like seeing guts, some kids don't). And I'll probably give her a heads up on a few things for Challenge A next year, knowing how she doesn't handle time-pressures well and large workloads.   
5 Year Old - Foundations
  • Seeing her sister pass Memory Master was good for her soul.  She has a renewed desire to be quizzed and to keep learning.
  • 3/4ths through her BJUP Kindergarten math book; learned counting to 100, skip counting by 5s and 10s, can write and identify numbers to 100, basic adding and subtracting to 6, calendar, telling time to the hour.
  • learned how to write all upper-case alphabet letters and numbers
What's in store for next year? This is still in the works:
  • 14yo would like to continue CC, but will probably jump up into Challenge 1 (skipping B).  I'm not opposed to Challenge B for her, and this has caused me some waffling.  It's all amazing, and I don't want her to miss a single thing!  However, I'm really thinking Challenge 1 for her, given her age, maturity, and academic abilities. We're not sure what campus, yet.  I'm still talking to oodles of people and finding out what our options are.  I'm willing to tutor it, but would need a campus that needs a Challenge 1 tutor and students to fill it:)  If not, looks like my daughter will be traveling 1+ hours away to make this year happen for her.
  • 12yo will be graduating into Challenge A at our local campus. Yay for simple things!
  • 6yo (currently 5yo) will attend her 3rd year of Foundations (Cycle 1) at whatever campus we're at.  Most likely this will be our local campus; however, if I tutor Challenge at a different campus, then she'll go with me.
The hardest thing about CC for us has been finding the Challenge levels when we need them.  Sometimes, the levels we've needed have been at least 1.5 hours away (given that Michigan = icy roads, then double that in a snow storm).  I have offered to start and run the Challenge levels here, but CC has not taken off yet in the general homeschool arena; therefore, we have not had the student interest needed for it to run.  I predict that in 5 years time, CC will take off like wild fire, here, and the problem will then be finding parents willing to head up Challenge. However, this doesn't help me now, in my time of need.  I'm sure, though, that someday I'll look back at our overall jr high and high school experience and say "God has provided when the time was right".  I look forward to seeing what that means for the 2015-16 year, lol!

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