Monday, December 22, 2014

Algebra I topics

A friend of mine recommended that I fill out a list of topics covered in each text book as we finish it for my daughter's transcripts. It seems over and above to me, but apparently some colleges require this. It is good to listen to the advice of those who have been there and done that. My daughter is finishing the last lesson of algebra 1. Here are the topics covered in her textbook. She used Math U See copyright 2009.

Lesson 1 commutative and associative properties
Lesson 2 order of operations and absolute value
Lesson 3 solve for unknown with one variable
Lesson 4 distributive property
Lesson 5 number lines with Cartesian coordinates
Lesson 6 graphing a line
Lesson 7 slope intercept formula
Lesson 8 graphing a line
Lesson 9 graphing parallel lines
Lesson10 graphing perpendicular lines
Lesson 11 finding the slope intercept formula
Lesson 12 graphing inequalities
Lesson 13 solving simultaneous equations
Lesson 14 more solving simultaneous equations
lesson 15 more solving simultaneous equations
Lesson 16 coin problems
Lesson 17 consecutive integers
Lesson 18 multiplication and division
Lesson 19 exponents
Lesson 20 addition and multiplication of polynomials
Lesson 21 factor polynomials
Lesson 22 factoring trinomials with coefficients
Lesson 23 factoring trinomials
Lesson 24 square roots and dividing polynomials
Lesson 25 difference of two squares
Lesson 26 repeated factoring of polynomials
lesson 27 solving equations with factoring
Lesson 28 unit multipliers
Lesson 29 square unit multipliers
lesson 30 metric conversions
Lesson 31 fractional exponents
Lesson 32 significant digits in scientific notation
Lesson 33 bases other than 10
Lesson 34 graphing a circle and an ellipse
Lesson 35 graphing a parabola and a hyperbola

Each lesson consisted of a week of practice and review and practical application with story problems.

Final grade: 95.3%

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