Friday, October 10, 2014

Weekly Review

A (13-turning 14, 9th grade):
Met for Week 6 CC Challenge A.

Math: in class: graphing.  At home: MUS Lesson 25, square roots of polynomials, and difference of 2 squares (x^2 - y^2), and using difference of 2 squares to solve problems like 35 x 35, or 17 x 13.

Geography: Central America, also draw 1 map of North and Central Americas together in color.

Rhetoric: should have 15 catechism questions memorized.  Discussion about Pangaea and how mountains were formed.  It Couldn't Just Happen and Fallacy Detective chapters read.

Latin: 2nd Declension, many exercises this week!  She pushed too many exercises onto Wednesday and was left scrambling to get it all done.  She dictated to me and I wrote many of them to help her out.  Many warnings were issued that she'd stay on top of it next time. She had a pop quiz last week in class and scored 100% yay!

Literature/Writing: Last week of Carry On Mr Bowditch, studied parallelism in writing (preview of next week).  Sorted her ANI Chart and organized her arguments into categories (something about "should paper have been torn to wrap medicines?" She likes to pick obscure topics to challenge herself).

Research/Science:  the assignment was to write about a tree.  She chose the ice cream bean tree.  Wrote 2 KWO from 2 sources, fused KWO, and 1 paragraph.  Drew a sketch to accompany the paragraph and a bibliography.

This will be her last full week as a 13 year old:)

Z (11-turning 12 next month, 7th grade)
Math: Started book 2 of Horizons 6th gr.  Covered multiplication of fractions, including improper and mixed.  I taught her how to cancel/simplify before multiplying because she *hates* reducing to lowest terms.

Geography: working on the east coast, we've moved up and over to states and capitals including MI, IN, OH, KY, and TN.

Science: read about the lungs in Apologia this week.

Essentials of the English Language (EEL): copied 2 charts of her choice, diagrammed and analyzed 2 sentences.  Simple Interrogatives were our topic this week.

IEW: wrote a 3 paragaph KWO and brainstormed words we could use in our writing.  She'll finish up the writing next week (we have a week break, so we're spreading out the workload).

CC Memory work.  Experiment was about skin flaking (ew!).  Art project was perspective drawing.

G (5, K)
Did CC memory work on Monday.  Read some 100 Easy Lessons this week.  Her mission in Math is to write numbers 1-10, so we practiced on the whiteboard.  Later in the week, we started back in her workbook and she completed a few lessons.  She's beginning to develop a strong sense of "noooo, I don't want to" which is making AWANA difficult (and Math and Reading, and anything else she decides she either wants to do her way, or not at all).  Fun times.  Speaking of which, she got one verse done for AWANA.  One more and she can get her vest.

She's having many big temper tantrums to get her way (more fun).  She has a new, deeper understanding of death, and has many worries, anxieties, and questions about it.  It comes up out of the blue.  I don't know how to help her feel better or answer her questions.  I remember when my other children hit this stage.  I often wonder if the temper tantrums and clinginess are part and parcel to the newfound realities and fears that they feel.  Growing up is rough:(  I love her through it as best I can.  It is not an easy topic for any human being to wrestle with.  She also had a cold with occasional stomach upset this week.  I'm sure that fed into some of our behavior issues, too.

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