Friday, October 3, 2014

Weekly Review

Been awhile since I wrote a weekly review.  I'd love to get back into the habit.

A (almost 14, 9th grade)
Met for Week 5 of Challenge A on Thursday.  
Math: Finished Lesson 24 of MUS Algebra, factoring polynomials.  She brought 2 example problems in to share at class.  Our Challenge A campus has a wide variety of math knowledge and levels, but I love that she can learn from this, and that math laws and steps are repeated and reviewed.

Literature/Writing:  She composed a 15 point ANI Chart (it's a Lost Tools of Writing thing) from Carry On Mr Bowditch.  She selected "Whether Dr. Stearns should have torn up paper for his customers" as her issue.  It is a tiny 1 paragraph event in the beginning of the book, but she successfully explored all the pros and cons of the issue!

Science/Research:  the assignment was to research herbs.  She chose cocoa beans.  She wrote notes from 2 sources, fused her notes into one outline, and wrote her paper.  Students also must draw a sketch to go along with their papers and provide a bibliography.

Geography/Debate: Week 2 of U.S.A.  I should start sharing pictures of her maps.  I'm always impressed by how much she puts into her maps.

Rhetoric: Red Herrings were explored in Fallacy Detective.  Extinction of the dinosaurs and the earth as a pangaea was debated from It Couldn't Just Happen.

Latin: she did several exercises from Lesson 2, 2nd Declension nouns.

Z (11, 7th grade)
Met for Week 4 of CC Foundations/Essentials
Math: Horizons 6th gr math was just dragging on...and on...and on...She seemed to know the concepts but we were both dreading math, arguing over it, and avoiding it.  It seemed we were falling further behind, although her capabilities were so much more.  So I let her test out of Chapter 7 and 8.  She needed a quick, short tutorial on dividing decimals by adding zeros in order to not have a remainder, and dividing fractions to get a decimal, but she caught on super quick.  On to book 2!  I'm hoping to keep her going at a quick pace, so we don't get so bogged down.  After Book 2, she'll move into PreAlgebra (but hopefully not Horizons.  No.  Not Horizons.)

English Grammar:  Imperatives.  I'm giving her the advanced sentences from Essentials of the English Language (EEL).  She copied 4 charts from EEL. 

Writing: IEW - Writing Lessons from U.S. History.  She had to write 2 poems in order to explore strong action verbs in place of linking verbs (were, was, is).  I am giving her the challenge writing assignments, too, since she is 7th grade and the oldest student (by 1 month!) in the class:)  That means she has homework this weekend.  She'll write a 1 paragraph essay about the Salem Witch Trials.

Map: She still needs to draw a map of the U.S. this weekend.  She's working on the east coast right now.

Science: she's reading through Apologia's Human Anatomy and Physiology.

G (5, K)
Read a few little books at bedtime aloud to us.  She finished the next 2 verses for Awana and is learning how to read them as she memorizes them.  We worked on writing numbers 1-10.  She learned how to ride her bike without training wheels last Sunday evening.

Z & G: because we do CC Foundations, much of our history and other subjects are mastered through the memory work.  We practiced Schole by walking the dog and reciting our memory work on our walks.

Our small town had a big weekend event with parade and petting zoo
This is the face I see every day.  She is bored and is saying "play with me"

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