Sunday, October 5, 2014

CC Flipbook

So, I'm not one of those cool moms that makes neat things for her kids. I'm not that creative pinterest mom that pulls together a crafty education and a crockpot dinner. But every once in awhile, I attempt the jump into the creative mom stratosphere. Mostly I just land on my tailbone. However, this CC flipbook? Totally cool mom, pinterest worthy.

I got a mini photo album from the dollar store.

On CC Connected, I downloaded the flipbook pdf from username melodystroud (thanks, Melody - you rock!). Print and cut to size.

I also downloaded the flipbook map pages from Tierney (thank you, Tierney: you've rescued us from another day of skipping geography for lack of a map). Print and cut.
Then I loaded my book. Each week gets a map. This is making the difference in our school each week. It travels. It quizzes. It dices vegetables. Even the dog likes it! (See the chew marks? I might be making another one soon. Sigh.)

The CC Flipbook has been a successful project, I might attempt a pinterest crock pot dinner or maybe something baked in a muffin tin.

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