Friday, September 12, 2014


I missed you! ("I know, I missed you, too!")
I run towards my blog, through a field, with the wind blowing through my hair.
My blog runs toward me, letters billowing in the breeze, and we meet. We hug. It's such a sweet reunion...

Yeah, sometimes it seems like that.
I'm out of touch.
Life is good, but hectic.  I sink into bed exhausted each night.  I vow to blog tomorrow, when there's more time. Tomorrow doesn't offer more time.

But the kids are being schooled, the laundry is getting almost-sort of- washed (wash-ish), the puppy is being fed and played with, and everyone gets 2 or 3 meals a day, and the occasional snack...

So things are going well!  A quick update:

Our summer, in bullet points:

  • wood chopping, poison ivy scratching fun (goes with the territory)
  • puppy!
  • new siding on the house
  • weed-garden, where some acorn squash, summer squash, and zucchini played hide-and-seek (the onions are still hiding.  Shhh, they're in the front few rows somewhere)
  • Lots of CC training, meetings, studying in prep to become a Challenge A tutor, and then the program did not take off in our area.
  • I trained, instead, to be a Foundations tutor for 6-7yos.  What a change in perspective! lol.
Our school year, in short paragraphs:

The 13yo began Challenge A at another CC campus, 40 minutes away.  It is fantastic!  I love this program! It is exactly what we needed.

The 11yo began a new chapter in her life, as well: youth group at church (graduated from awana last year).  Foundations Masters class and Essentials class at CC.  The church musical practice will start tomorrow.

The 5yo began Kindergarten at home.  We started 100 Easy Lessons over again, but only some days.  Other days, she's reading Bob Books to me or anything else she pulls out of the phonetic readers pile.  She's doing some Handwriting Without Tears and interest led writing on a white board.  She's doing BJUP Kindergarten Math 3rd edition and loves it!  Some days we skip it and then the next day she does a few lessons in a row.  She began her Foundations Abecedarian class at CC, 2nd year.  "5" is a world of difference from "4" in maturity and ability.  She's still super cuddly, so I'm really enjoying this age!  It seems like the best of both worlds (baby + big kid rolled into one).  She also began Awana Sparks (graduated from Cubbies).  

Everyone began Co-op today!  Everyone loves their classes.  Here's what they are taking:

A (13):  Creative Crafters, Debate, Papering with Pinterest, and Microsoft Office
Z (11):  Odyssey of the Mind, Chess, Off the Cuff (improv acting class), and Portrait Drawing
G (5):  Patriotic Symbols, P.E., Elementary Art, and Kids' Concoctions (messy things that they make, that's fun and sort of science-ish)


Homeschooling6 said...

That papering with pinterest sounds interesting!

You'll have to blog more on that ;0)

Jamie said...

Can't wait to see what this year has in store for your family. I've missed you, as well. :D