Thursday, September 18, 2014

Prepwork: What we did and didn't do

In a previous post, I had a lavish scheme for making my life easier and creating space for ourselves.  Want to know how that turned out?

  • Work folder for Z with schedule and all materials needed to get'r done (I'm envisioning the workboxes system, but in an easy to use binder) 
  • This didn't quite happen as planned.  She was given a lovely binder for her Essentials work, but heading toward Week 3, I'm realizing an intense need to have this book more developed for her.

  • Menu planned for Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday dinners
  • This also didn't happen.  But we did stock up on some great, easy oven foods (pizza rolls, anyone?) so we're good.  I'm a terrible menu planner and it never pans out for me, anyway.

  • Lunch menu planned for Monday and Thursday, and every other Friday, when some of us will be gone all day.
  • It's not an organized lunch menu plan, per se, but I am working toward NOT having ham sandwiches every time we have to travel with lunch in hand.  Some lunches:  ramon noodles (if microwave is available), cereal-milk-and yogurt, cheese-crackers-and lunch meat, and dips/salsas with tortilla chips.  I'm thinking about purchasing a small, 1-person crockpot for cooking a can of soup.

  • Scan A's remaining Algebra lessons and print, have ready and accessible for her
  • Scanned.  Still need to print.  Printing is on a (haphazard, on the fly) weekly basis.

  • Read through Z's math and spot any potential trouble areas that will require my help.  Nope.

  • Clean up rooms/house
  • Yes.  Did this.  And it fell apart within a week:(  I cannot get on top of it.  Although getting rid of excess stuff was absolutely good, each room's tidiness level falls back to 0 within days.  Sigh.  Law of Entropy right before our very eyes.

  • Laundry plan in place: 15 mins per day
  • This DID happen...until last week, when I fell a few days short, and then this week, when everything snowballed (lots of appts, winter prep, and surprise car troubles).  Hoping to reclaim that laundry!

  • Co-op checklist, laminated and magnetized.  Nope. 
  • CC Monday checklist, laminated and magnetized. Nope.
  • CC Ch. A Thursday checklist, laminated and magnetized. Nope, but dd has been excellent at prepping on her own.  Yay for Ownership!  (Ownership is the theme of Challenge A)
  • Prep ahead for the CC class I'm tutoring - Keep It Simple! Stick in Sand!
  • A little bit of ahead prep, but mostly the week before I start gearing up.  I am keeping it simple, by forcing myself to prep only an hour on Sundays.  I am going with the first simple ideas I find that I like, and then looking no further.  This has helped and my class is going swimmingly!

  • Work ahead in Algebra, so that I'm prepared for Anything!  Not quite, but I do try to work 1 day ahead.  Algebra problems in bed is sort of relaxing...

  • Create a binder for A, similar to Z's, except she might organize it herself and decide what she needs in there once Ch.A starts.  Yes, I followed the example on this blog, and it has been perfect.  Perhaps I'll show pictures someday.  If you haven't visited Six More Summers, it is an enjoyable homeschool blog with some good CC articles, too.  Dd and I organize her papers into her homework folder for bringing to class.  I take out the previous week's work and put it in A Great Big Binder.  She does not have a Latin binder (yet?) but has been using little notebooks to keep her notes.  This week, she had terrible hand cramping (yes, Challenge A will do that to a student not used to writing on paper), so she did her Latin exercises orally.

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    Jamie said...

    Thanks for is interesting to follow along with you. I will pray that your accomplishments continue to pile up and that your laudry does not! :D