Wednesday, August 13, 2014

School Planning Checklist

This year promises to be a bit busy and intense.  I have a tendency toward getting overwhelmed by little things and spinning out of control:)  I'm hoping to create a little bit of space, margin, and peace for us as we enter a new school year.  In an effort to get a good headstart, here is my checklist to get us ready:
  • Work folder for Z with schedule and all materials needed to get'r done (I'm envisioning the workboxes system, but in an easy to use binder)
  • Menu planned for Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday dinners
  • Lunch menu planned for Monday and Thursday, and every other Friday, when some of us will be gone all day.
  • Scan A's remaining Algebra lessons and print, have ready and accessible for her
  • Read through Z's math and spot any potential trouble areas that will require my help
  • Clean up rooms/house
  • Laundry plan in place: 15 mins per day
  • Co-op checklist, laminated and magnetized
  • CC Monday checklist, laminated and magnetized
  • CC Ch. A Thursday checklist, laminated and magnetized
  • Prep ahead for the CC class I'm tutoring - Keep It Simple! Stick in Sand!
2 Bonus Items, if I can get around to it:
  • Work ahead in Algebra, so that I'm prepared for Anything!
  • Create a binder for A, similar to Z's, except she might organize it herself and decide what she needs in there once Ch.A starts
What will go in Z's workbox-like folder?
  • Memory Work Flip Book (if you are on CC Connected, it's found under username melodystroud, Cycle 3)
  • Maps & blank paper, tracing paper
  • Grammar charts & blank paper
  • IEW writing checklists (may need to wait until 1st day of CC)
  • Math assignments listed by page and scrap paper for working problems
  • Math charts for reference
  • Main checklist at the beginning of the binder that list each subject
  • Dividers with pockets to separate each subject
  • A pencil case with everything she needs to work: small calculator, pencils, pens, colored pencils, markers
Z is my free-as-a-bird, dreamer child that doesn't like checklists:)  So, I'm hoping to make this binder simple and dreamer-friendly.  If I'm successful, I'll post pics!

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Jamie said...

Sounds like you are set up for success. I pray that these plans you have worked so hard on pay off in spades (I am sure they will). Good work. I look forward to seeing you soon.