Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Bye bye, Bunny

I'm a secret hoarder with emotional attachment issues:) But I've learned how to keep my attachments digitally, instead of letting it all physically pile up in my house. It's much easier now to "let it go". Isn't modern technology great?
Case in point: this bunny. This bunny belonged to Abacus's mom in New York (Abacus is our Irish Water Spaniel puppy). It was given to her for her first few nights away - it would carry her mama's smell and offer comfort. But now (sniff) Abacus ripped it (sniff sniff) and it must go in the trash. Her connection to her mom thru that bunny is gone (wahhhhhh!)
But we still have this: a photo of a bedraggled, mangled, gross bunny (awwww). It's gone but not forgotten.


Jamie said...

I completely understand the attachment to this particular item. I am so glad you have the memory of Bunny preserved on file.

Homeschooling6 said...

Awe, that is sad. Cute bunny, I wonder if she will miss it.