Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Lame Mom's CC Tip

Other CC moms post beautiful photos of their organization of CC stuff. Their stuff looks so wonderfully organized and pretty. I am NOT one of those moms.
One such item is the glorious CC Timeline Cards and the Science and Art/Music Cards (which add up to a small fortune). I've seen moms punch holes in various locations on the beautiful, (gulp) expensive cards. One hole punches in a left corner, two hole punches at the top corners, three hole punches down the side. I sort of envy those moms but I just.can't.do it.
Tip #1: Lame Mom Organization of CC Cards:
1. Buy mini storage crate from dollar store.
2. Unwrap cellophane from beautiful, expensive cards (and thank your husband for letting you purchase these gems).
3. Stick in mini storage crate.
Viola! Done.
Someday I hope to create cheap dividers for my cards. I'm quite happy with this system and no cards were hurt in its creation. Come back for more Lame Mom tips, because I'm sure I have a ton of them.

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Jamie said...

Looks like an awesome and inexpensive storage solution = NOT.LAME :D