Friday, May 9, 2014

Weekly Review

Ahhhhrrrgggg...seems like we're the little train, chugging up hill, tongue hanging out -

"I think I can, I think I can, I think I can..."

But then we stop in the middle of the incline and begin rolling back downhill.

Spring is here and warm weather beckons.  A is doing her writing assignments for her writing class, and I'm pushing her to do some math.  She's not moving quite as fast in her math as I'd like.   We're spending far too many weeks just negotiating how much to do.  We're losing steam.  Crash.

Z began Horizons 6, and true to our tradition, I let her test out of lessons until around lesson number 40.  She's worked through lesson 44 (45?) on prime numbers and squares.

G works on reading.  We cleaned out our attic and I found all my umpteen-zillion easy readers, including the big Hooked On Phonics kit complete with the old tape cassettes.  She's just flipping to the stories and reading the little books.  She's on lesson 70-something in 100 Easy Lessons.  We played with math blocks called unifix cubes. I'm contemplating math and handwriting for her next fall.

After writing class yesterday, we celebrated the 80 degree weather with a day at the park.  We brought bikes and invited friends and tootled around for a few hours.

Today, we went to the farm with our CC group, "awwww'd" at all the cute baby farm animals, milked a cow, and rode on a hay wagon.  Later, I took the kids to McDonalds and bribed them with food while I planned and plotted with our homeschool co-op's graduation committee.

I'm working through Henle's Latin by grabbing odd moments to study some vocab or do some written exercises.  If you hear me mumbling weird things like "oppidum, oppidi", then just know I'm attempting Latin.

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