Monday, May 5, 2014

that uncomfortable silence

As I've stopped blogging, life has kept moving.  It is like that awkward silence between friends that haven't seen each other in a year.  I have 1 billion things to say, and nothing to say, all at once.  And so, I've been silent.  The best way to get past that uncomfortable silence is to break it.  Awkwardly.  Like a shy boy asking a girl on a date.  Will you come with me?

A whirlwind review:

  • I attended the Cincinnati Homeschool Convention with some fantastic friends (so much fun!)

  • My mom started radiation and chemo and is holding her own.

  • I have signed up to be a Classical Conversations Challenge A tutor next year.

  • We're getting a puppy in another 2 weeks!

Seems like a lot of big life changes.

To get my fingers moving, I plan to blog more about the convention, the puppy, and maybe some posts about photos sitting on my phone (why did I take a photo of that?)

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