Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Sweet lil moments

Is it a full moon?  The kids have been especially cranky and quirky lately.  Mother's Day had me in tears; not because of the sweet "I love you's" and hugs.  No, it was the cat and dog fighting and complaining.

But they have their sweet moments.  Sometimes I need to reflect on those moments of blessing more often, and stew about the tears of misgivings less often.  It is in those little moments that God reveals a tiny preview of the work He is completing in them.  I'll share two of these sweet moments.

1. We've been hit by some rocky thunderstorms lately, and the just-turned 5yo is afraid of the loud crashing booms.  My older two created a song for her that they sing while holding her during the storms.  It began as a somewhat silly song, but morphed into calming words and a soothing tune.  It begins, "It's OK, little guy / don't be scared, of the sky."  Later, my 11yo took the tune to the piano, and both girls developed the song further.  We've been singing it ever since.

2. The 5yo was a real stinker tonight at bedtime.  My 11yo has been climbing into my bed at night to read, while everyone else goes to their bedrooms.  I haven't really noticed her there, since I'm downstairs, grabbing the peace and quiet that comes with sleeping kids.  Anyhow, the 5yo was insistent that she also go to bed in my bed.  Then she was insistent in claiming the middle of the bed.  And then she was persistent in reigning in all of the blankets, away from her sister and keeping them all for herself.  We'd reached Wits End, but she exclaimed, "I'll just go sleep with A" (her biggest sister).  I assumed this meant she'd go to her own bed, which is in the same room with A.  I came in later to find her snuggled up against her biggest sister, sound asleep.  I'm thankful that she had a sister still willing to love her and take her in, even when she'd outworn her welcome with the rest of us.


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