Saturday, May 10, 2014

School planning calendar

Sometimes I want things that are difficult to find.  I'm not picky or anything...well, ok, maybe a little picky.  I wanted a school year calendar that started in August.  I wanted the school year calendar to have a full year.  However, I wanted this calendar to be bigger than 1 page and smaller than 12 pages - so I wanted the full school year calendar starting in August to be exactly 2 pages long.  Was that too much to ask?

If you've ever been to, you'll know what a dream it is for organizing homeschool moms that don't want to create the perfect forms themselves.  Now, if you are especially Type A, then you probably aren't 100% happy with forms or anything else under the sun, and have just made peace with the idea that If You Want Something Done RIGHT You Have to Do It Yourself.  I've stepped one foot into the Type A camp and decided it wasn't for me.  I'll make due with forms (which are very nice; myself and so many other homeschool moms are indebted to Donna Young for the work she has made and shared with us).


I found my Calendar answer in's School Attendance Calendar.  Here is a direct link, if you, too, happen to be looking for a 2 page School Year Calendar that starts in August:

Now I can stop perusing the Internet and start planning my school year.

Nah!!! I think I'll go explore Pinterest...

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