Friday, May 30, 2014

CC Practicum

I attended the Grand Rapids, MI Classical Conversations Practicum, and it was fantastic!  If you are able to attend a CC Practicum this summer, I highly recommend it.  Practicum is open to all parents, and it is free for parents to attend (just be sure to register through the website: -> Event Calendar -> 3 Day Practicums).  Need a place for the kids?  CC offers kid camps during the 3 Day Practicum, for around $35 per child, but includes a full day of educational childcare (the childcare camps have a CC theme, such as Geo Draw).  This year's theme is Rhetoric.  Some of these rhetoric tools can be applied to other subjects - I was very inspired when I realized this.  I met so many wonderful families and had a great time.  In the afternoons, I attended Challenge A training.  I'm so impressed with the program!  It is more than just a curriculum - it's the way the curriculum that is mentored, taught, and discussed that sets this program apart.

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