Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Weekly Review

Running a bit late on last week's Weekly Review, I'm checking in to catch up, a bit.  My blog was down over the weekend, but was fixed sometime on Tuesday.

Last week, we completed Week 23 of Classical Conversations.

My 13yo wrote an 8 paragraph essay; she paced herself with only a few minor reminders from her parents, and the essay is finished.

My 11yo wrote a 2 paragraph intro-and-conclusion paragraph for a story critique.  She was sick most of the week with some sort of sinusy thingy, so I was lax with her.

Our last day of Homeschool Co-op was Friday, and finished with a (late, late) end of year celebration.  It was a fantastic display of everyone's accomplishments, and as always, I was so proud of what my group has done through out the year!

Update on my mom: she got her stitches out.  She's a hair dresser and she has been going into work for a few hours, when she feels up to it.  She was fitted for a mask for radiation treatments.  This week, she officially began radiation and is fighting that war.  We are all hopeful, and thankful for all the prayers.

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