Saturday, March 1, 2014

Winter Rejuvenation Day

Today, I attended a homeschool Winter Rejuvenation conference.  I attended 4 sessions, and a homeschool leader luncheon hosted by INCH.  I drove through nasty weather conditions and passed an overturned vehicle in the median on my travels there (deep breath in, deep breath out...)  I almost turned around and came back home when I saw the accident, but I'm glad I stuck out the drive, arriving a little late, but in one piece.

Session 1, I attended the keynote address by speaker Israel Wayne, The History of the Homeschooling Movement

Session 2, I listened to Karen Braun, better known to us as Spunky Homeschool, talk about the Common Core and How It Will Affect Education

Session 3, College Plus presented their program, College the Smart Way, and last -

Session 4, Israel Wayne spoke about Preventing Parenting Pitfalls

A BIG THANK YOU to the amazing ladies of HEARTH Homeschool for making this happen!

And another BIG THANK YOU to my wonderfully supportive spouse for caring for kids and carting kids to activities, and making them clean my kitchen, and feeding them... :)

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