Friday, March 21, 2014

Weekly Review

Lessons 56- in her reading lesson book

Mapwork for CC
Finished her AWANA book - hooray!
Cooking badge at American Heritage Girls
Last piano lesson:(  Need to find a new teacher, ours is getting married.
Finished 5 paragraph biography

Finished Lesson 10 Perpendicular Lines in Algebra I
Short writing lesson this week - find the dressups
Finished Cooking Badge at American Heritage Girls

CC: Week 21
WWII through Communist China - Timeline
1980's Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan - History (with a nice catchy 80's tune that the kids loved)
Central America - geography
Associative Law - Math
3rd Law of Thermodynamics - Science
1st Conjugation Endings PluPerfect Tense - Latin
Definition of a Conjunction - English

Finished our strawbridges and tested them - science experiment
Brahms - Orchestra


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