Saturday, March 15, 2014

Weekly Review

Highlights from our week:

G (4yo):
Lessons 52-55 in her reading lesson book
Counting to 100, over and over again in the car

Z (11yo):
AWANA was cancelled, again (crazy winter weather)
Wrote 2 paragraphs towards her 5 paragraph biography
Studied for AWANA (trying to get this finished next week)
Made a cupcake design for Cupcakes class at co-op

A (13yo):
Wrote a paragraph about C.S. Lewis
Revised her 5 paragraph White Witch essay
Began Lesson 10, Perpendicular Lines, in Algebra I - will spread this over this week and next
Finished her artwork for co-op
Made a cupcake design for Cupcakes class at co-op

CC Week 20:
Vietnam War - history
South Central Asia - Geography
Australia/Commonweath - Great Depression - timeline
2nd Law of Thermodynamics - Science
Definition of an Appositive - English
1st Conjugation Endings Present Perfect Tense - Latin
Circumference of a Circle - Math

Making a straw bridge competition - week 1
Orchestra / Beethoven's 5th - Fine Arts

Co-op week!

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