Friday, March 7, 2014

Weekly Review

Highlights from our week:

Finished lesson 52 of her reading lessons.

Taking 2 weeks off of Math, so she can focus on finishing her AWANA book.
Finished Discovery 7 in AWANA.
Compound Interrogative sentences with a Subject - Verb Transitive - Direct Object - Object Complement Noun pattern in English Grammar
Began writing her 5 paragraph biography for Essentials.  This is really challenging.  She needs to write a keyword outline from each source, for each paragraph, and then fuse the outlines into a 3 paragraph keyword outline.  We're supposed to be using easy sources, but her choice of character has really difficult sources (even the children's versions are lengthy, wordy, and archaic in writing style).  Her biography character will be revealed in a few weeks.
Began her Cooking Badge for American Heritage Girls

Lesson 9 Parallel Lines in Algebra I.
Wrote 2 paragraphs for Writing Class - Churchill and Roosevelt.
Finished her Book Adventure Badge for American Heritage Girls (she asked a book illustrator questions and got answers, she contacted one of her favorite authors, read aloud to a blind person, and had a Classic Books discussion).  (Sidenote: I used notes from a talk Adam Andrews gave in Cincinnati last year to have the classic books discussion.)

Korean War - history
Lincoln - Progressive Era - timeline
Definition of a Gerund - Grammar
Southeast Asia - geography
1st Law of Thermodynamics - Science
1st Conjugation Endings Present Tense - Latin
Area of a Circle - Math

Classical Music introduction - Fine Arts
Bernoulli's Principal, flight and making paper airplanes - Science
Presentation skills

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