Monday, March 3, 2014

The study of flight

At our CC campus (Week 19, Cycle 2), we studied flight.  We had a visit from a real airline pilot, who was dressed fully in uniform.  He talked to us about Bernoulli's Principal, and gave a demonstration by blowing over a piece of paper, which caused the paper to rise.

Next, we turned the kids lose with a piece of paper.  Each kid folded a paper airplane, using their own ideas, or a book of step by step paper airplanes.

Finally, the kids were able to test the flight of their creations.  Adults stood out of the way, and the kids let those planes fly!

It was really a fun half hour of flight exploration.  If you are ever having a bad homeschool day, with no hope of turning it around, exploring flight with paper airplanes may be just the "lift" you need.  Here are some resources for folding planes:

This rather unusual "plane" flies quite well, but takes a bit of practice throwing.  It is very easy to make.  You need to start off with a square (so take your rectangle sheet of paper and cut it so it is a perfect square, instead).  Instructions linked below:

Here is a site with 10 paper airplanes:

The Hawkeye is cool looking, but is a rather pathetic flyer.  This guy is mostly just good looking.  I followed a video on youtube to perfect this design:

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