Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The update

If I'm MIA on this blog lately, here's why:

My mom was diagnosed with a brain tumor on Saturday.  She's 4 hours away from us.  She had brain surgery on Monday morning, a long grueling 6.5 hour event; however, she is doing amazing!  We're all encouraged and keeping her uplifted in prayer.  The plan (as far as we know) is that she will eventually undergo chemo.  I know she will need care in those days (good thing we homeschool!)

We were planning to bring home a puppy in mid-May, but the puppy picked for us died unexpectedly.  I'm working on finding another puppy, but the breed we had chosen is rare.  Our family had plans of raising puppies, so picking those first family companions to enter our home is quite a time consuming investment.  Of course, the whole timeliness of these events is giving me much doubt about this venture.  Having told our children that they will have a puppy in May for the past year is not working in our favor.  Note to self: be extremely careful and deliberate in what I say to children (retort from self: I thought I was).

We're finishing almost all of our activities for the year.  With the medical situation that dropped a bomb on us all, this is making homework assignments, due dates, and planned events a most difficult thing to keep up with.  The phrase "drinking out of a fire hose" comes to mind.

So bear with me.  Keep us in prayer, if you are of the praying persuasion.  And since this is a homeschooling blog - thank goodness for homeschooling!  It gives us the freedom to handle these things as they come up.  Sometimes, holding each other tight and praying, and caring for family members IS the homeschooling lesson.


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Lisa Wagner said...

Continuing to pray, Sarah!