Thursday, March 6, 2014

A Visual Journal of the Reading Lesson

I ramble on at length about how eager my 4yo is to do her reading lessons every day.  This really surprises me, because my other two kids weren't like this.  We hit a stumbling block and I think, "This is it.  We've hit a wall."  But the next day, she's over the hurdle and moving right along.  It blows my mind.  I would never actually expect this from a young child.

So, that is the picture I paint of our reading lessons.  It captures the image of mother and child sitting contentedly together on the couch, our lessons flowing smoothly.  This is not the real picture, however.  Yesteryday, it looked like this -


Sidenote: I'm in my comfy fat pants that are several sizes too big and my fluffy jacket for warmth.  I look like a black and brown polar bear.

The student is hopping over me, on me, kicking me, and is not staying still.  I was constantly directing her back to the text - "you just read 'sat', now what does this say?"  It takes an immense amount of patience on my part.  Sometimes I start the warnings and threats, "If you don't sit here and look at this book, we're ending lessons for today!"

Sure, we DO have days where she sits blissfully still beside me, and the lesson runs really smooth.  Those are awesome and encouraging.  But most days are a little bit of both wiggle, romp, and sitting still.  The one pictured above was our wiggliest lesson ever.  I think I'll need to start our lessons with a cup of chamomile tea, if it looks like we're headed in that direction again.  At least I'll have a reader at the end of it all.

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Lisa Wagner said...

Glad she's eager! You are far more patient than I could be, though. LOL