Monday, March 17, 2014

A Reading Update

Every once in awhile, I like to update where we're at with certain things.  This is an update on my 4yo's reading lessons.

We've hit 50+ lessons out of 100 (can you guess which book we're using?  book review coming soon!)

We're definitely slowing down and petering out a bit on the lessons now.  The book uses strange symbols to teach silent e long vowel words, and two letter combos (ai, ea, th, ch, sh).  It has its own typography that makes me wonder how this will transition over into real books.  Even so, we're picking up the occasional early phonics readers and giving it a try.  My philosophy is that any reading taught before the age of 5 (pre-kindergarten) is bonus, anyway, and serves more as an introduction.  The past two nights, she's been reading one of the easy Clifford phonics readers called Clifford Can.  She's proud that she can read this book.

Seeing her interest wan a bit in the reading lesson book, we're tag teaming it.  When she hits the story, she's overwhelmed by the huge stories.  No wonder.  My other two kids wouldn't have been reading full sentences at this stage.  We'd still be in the one-word phase, and a sentence would be too much.  A whole page story is a lot to expect, I think.  So she reads one word, I read the next word.  We continue like this through the whole story.  If she stumbles on a word, I whisper answer, or give the next sound to help her through it.  There is no point in frustrating her.  If we hit the end of the book and need to go back through phonics again, so be it.

What's next?  We'll continue on this way, as long as it works - tag teaming the reading lessons book, and adding in easy phonics books on occasion.  If we get completely stopped, I plan to pull out the predictable children's picture books booklist from Teach A Child to Read With Children's Books, which I swear by to get a child moving from phonics to fluent.  Plus, it's just good, fun picture books.

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Lisa Wagner said...

That book frustrated me for the reasons you mentioned. I used it with David and got to lessons somewhere in the 70's and then ditched it.