Thursday, March 20, 2014

6 easy lessons

I've learned oh so much about teaching this year through my tutoring at CC.  Some of these lessons can be implemented by anyone homeschooling their child.  One such lesson is the 6 week plan.

At CC, our fine arts is divided into 6 week chunks.  The 1st 6 weeks is Drawing.  The 2nd 6 weeks is Tin Whistle.  The 3rd 6 weeks is Artists, and the last 6 weeks is Orchestra.  Each of these 6 week chunks takes a book, borrows 6 lessons from the book, and teaches one of those lessons each week.  For instance, in Orchestra, we use the Classical Music for Dummies book.  One song/composer is selected from the book.  We listen to the music, and the teacher takes us through the elements of that song.  Viola!  We learned more about Classical music than we've known before!  It was simple and easy, and wasn't a mind-numbing 36 weeks of grueling parental planning and teaching (which, you know, never seems to work out successfully).

The neat-o thing is: you could do this with anything!  Want to learn a foreign language, but you're a bit intimidated by it?  Just take 6 lessons (yeah, 6 lessons out of's OK, just try it) and do one per week for 6 weeks.  Want to do more?  Great!  Want to drop it?  Fine.  Pick up something else for 6 weeks.  The point is to expose your child (and you! because you're learning, too!) and to learn something that wasn't learned before.

You can try this with all the little subjects that add stacks of curriculum to your bookshelves but quickly drop off your list.  How awesome is that?  6 lessons of anything is better than 1 lesson, or no lessons at all.  And who knows what will actually stick in your schedule?

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