Tuesday, February 25, 2014

"Nooooo!" Pat the Bunny

Awhile back, I wrote a series about Overly Sensitive children. How did I know my child was sensitive? Here is one example, although I have countless stories I could tell!

We read this book called Pat the Bunny, Let's Find Bunny. It's one of those lift the flap type books.


She loved it, except one thing really bothered her. In the book, the reader is looking for the bunny, but cannot find the bunny. One page reads, "Maybe the bunny is under the table. Let's take a look. Is the bunny sitting under the table?"


We'd lift the flap on the next page (something kids love to do!) and then I'd read the accompanying text: "No - the bunny isn't here! Where could that bunny be?"


My sensitive child hated the word "no" and it seemed to really upset her. Saying "Nooooo" on every page was so mean! It startled, frightened, and insulted her. It hurt her little feelings. I think I ended up altering my words to say something silly like "Yes, the teddy bear is under the table, but the bunny isn't. Where could that bunny be?"

As a word of encouragement to others with sensitive children: this particular child is now 11 and can listen to Pat the Bunny, Let's Find Bunny just fine, even with all the no's.

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