Friday, February 28, 2014

It's February, the end of February

Every year, February hits and hits hard.  This year has been the hardest, I think.  Our temps have been below zero, far too often.  We're at the end of February, and there is no indication that Spring is on its way (still more below zero temps).  We will get Spring, right?

Whenever I have young children, I can tell you when February hits because the young child leaps off of furniture.  Sure, young children might try to periodically leap off of furniture any other month of the year, but usually a few "nooo"s will end it.  However, in February, young children compulsively leap off of furniture.  It takes a lot of 20131214_155536redirection and creativity to get the compulsive furniture leaping to stop.  Time outs are useless against cabin fever.

Seems like February makes itself known in another way, too.  It highlights the issues of the year.  Anything that I was mildly discontent with in our homeschool is magnified.  Perhaps February can be a blessing in disguise.  If we've been cooped up indoors too long and staying on routine, then the routine feels like a rut.  The answer is: get out more, and take more field trips!  If we've been running too much, by February we feel spent.  The answer is: stay home and recharge.

What has February taught you, this year?

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