Monday, February 24, 2014

And then what happened?

Do you ever come to a great blog, where the mom shared a great moment, and captured a great picture of her kids, and you left with the sense of "happily ever after?"  Have you ever asked, "What happened next?"  I don't usually ask that, and just accept that the quaint tea time event went lovely, or the craft dried and made it to the fridge, or the science experiment went smooth and everyone learned about Newton's 3 laws.  So, lest you think our Fort Building moment was full of peaceful mom-coffee drinking, while kids play, and we all lived happily ever after in our wonderful fort, I will tell you what happened next...wpid-20140220_114813.jpg

I was turned away from the fort, ready to grab that moment of kids-happy, mom-bliss.  Someone screamed in desperation.  I turned back to find a shapeless form of a 4yo plowing into the sheets.  It was a fitted sheet, and the fitted part was wrapped around her feet.  Her face was pressed into the other side of the floral design, which lurched toward me 3 dimensionally.  The 13yo was inside, trapped, and screaming for help.  The purple toy buckets that once held the fitted sheet into place, were now tipping sideways.  The tables jolted and twisted.  It was going to end in disaster.

I yelled for the formless 4yo floral blob monster to stop.  She continued on recklessly and doggedly.  Finally, I reached into the floral fitted sheet and tried to yank her out.  Meanwhile, the 13yo is still screeching, and the purple toy bins are still threatening to wipe her out of existence.  The 4yo only has one velocity: that is forward and fast.  I tried pulling her out, but her foot was caught on the fitted part.  At long last, I yanked her free, and a massive temper tantrum ensued.  The 4yo, not me.  Okay, maybe I had a temper tantrum, too, but just a little.  After dealing with tempers (all of ours), the fort was cleaned up, and everyone returned to their schoolwork.

And that is "what happened next".  True story.

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