Tuesday, January 21, 2014

High heels

I should start a series called Things I Won't Do...

Today's thought in the Things I Won't Do category is...

Wear high heels.

I won't wear high heels.  I won't, and you can't make me.  I may be 5'2" tall (which is short, very short), but I'd rather be short than unbalanced.  I'm a bit uncoordinated.  So maybe you wouldn't try to make me wear heels, and that would be better for both of us.  I'd be happier, and you wouldn't have your surroundings destroyed by my lack of coordination.  So we're good, here, right?

I'm a "wear comfy shoes until they fall in shreds off of my feet" kind of girl.  My personal comfort is pretty important.  In Jr. High, I was the girl that started the tennis shoes with a skirt trend.  Actually, it wasn't a trend yet.  I started it.  It wasn't cool until I'd been wearing it for awhile.  It just took a long time to catch on. Before it caught on, I was relentlessly teased for wearing tennis shoes with a skirt.  Annoying, but that's just one of those things trend setters have to deal with.

Honestly, I planned to write something deep and insightful today about Life, Homeschooling, and Everything, but the only thing that came to mind was...shoes.

So...wear high heels if you can pull it off (I might be a little jealous), or not.  Wear tennis shoes with skirts, because it's comfy and might come back as a retro trend.  You never know.  And don't be ashamed of homeschooling barefoot, or in fuzzy socks if your feet get cold, like mine.  After all, who can teach Algebra when their feet hurt?
[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="2000" caption="My scuffed up comfy slide on shoes. $6 from Goodwill."]image[/caption]

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