Friday, January 24, 2014

Easy reading fun

My 4yo is enamored with the easy phonetic readers; but she isn't reading them herself. I am. With past children, I would've turned these books into a reading lesson. Sound it out, one painful letter at a time. Quickly, joy would've been killed, because who can possibly enjoy this -

Jim has a bad ham.

When each letter is carefully. Slowly. Tormentingly. Sounded out?

It started when I followed dd's cues, "Here, read these ten books to me at bedtime!" We've been uncovering the joys of Jim's bad ham and Todd's hot pop together. Occasionally,  I might challenge her with a word she might already know, but it's mostly just been fun.

I'm not worried that she'll already have these memorized by the time she's ready to read them. I'm modeling and teaching something much more important: the flow and love of reading.


Plus, it's been really easy to do. Phew!

Pictured above: Sonlight's Fun Tales and Bob Books.

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