Monday, January 6, 2014

A Day in the Life of...

I was inspired by Simple Homeschool to do a "Day in the Life of" post.  I used to do these occasionally on my older blog, but fell out of the habit of doing them.  It's a good time to start one, don'tcha think?

7:30 Alarm.  Snooze.  8:00 Alarm.  Snooze.  8:15 Alarm.  And we're up!
8:15 ish I grab a cup of coffee.  I start on breakfast for dh (egg and ham breakfast burrito), who is working from home, due to the snowy roads.  We're starting a diet today (blah!) so we're counting calories.

8:50am I stoke the fire.  This is something that will reoccur throughout the day.

9:15am  G, the 4yo, starts 100 Easy Lessons (Reading) with me.  I've never successfully used this book, but I try with each child.  It's tradition.  I bribe her through the last section and then a candy break!

9:30 am I wake up kids.  I start a load of laundry. Z, the 11yo, heads down to the basement by the pellet stove with a blanket.  Ugh. She's not moving.  I go re-wake up A, the 13yo.  Eventually, G and Z draw pictures together.

10am  I re-wake up A, and it finally takes.  I cook waffles to try to entice everyone up and to get started.  Z works on Math.  After waffles, A starts math.

11am  Everyone is done with math.  A starts science.  I consume calories (2 eggs).

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="2000"]image A's science experiment. She always makes sad "poor me" faces when I take photos of schoolwork. It is her trademark. She seriously doesn't look this way until I grab my camera. Honest. I'm not chaining my children to desks and cracking whips, here, lol![/caption]

12pm Science experiment with 2 balloons and static electricity.  Z works on a grammar chart for CC.  I go outside to close the pole barn door, which is mysteriously open and snow is blowing in.  I bring a shovel and trudge through snow that comes up to my knees.  I'm calling this my workout.  Kids call a spontaneous school break and make videos with my phone.

12:30pm  Z finished her chart and we work on 1 dictation sentence and analyze it for CC.  A was supposed to practice piano, but got bored and ditched it.


[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="2000"]image Z requires heat - lots of it - in order to function. We tried desks, but the colder she is, the slower she moves. She can always be found near a heat source.[/caption]


1 pm A works on Familiar Quotations.  She reads 1 page and picks various quotes to copy.  You can find her work here.  Z & G play.  Dh enters for a short lunchtime visit and we plot out lunch together: processed frozen burritos and califlower with melted velvetta cheese.  We eat healthy here, in the Teach a Fish household, by golly!


1:18pm A works on her American Heritage Girl badgework.  We plug in the CC memory work CD and rock on to the timeline song, followed by the first 3 weeks of memory work.  We love the history songs and timeline song!

1:52pm  We eat lunch.  I take 5 mins to begin this post.  A & G come out and challenge each other to assemble puzzles upside-down, without the picture showing.


2:30pm  We all fold/put away a load of laundry.

2:48pm I take a short nap, setting my alarm for 3:15pm (because I know it'll take me 10mins to drift off).  Kids play games on their kindles.  3:15pm I get up, grab cup 'o coffee #2 and head to my laptop.

3:30pm I checkover A's math and make her re-do 2 problems.  She's overjoyed (just kidding).

4:15-4:40pm A reads aloud to me.  She loves to do this, and I enjoy hearing her read.  She is an excellent read-alouder (?).  Currently, she's reading Flyte (Septimus Heap book 2) to me.  It's the only way I actually "read" books these days!

4:40pm 10 min Kindle break, and then we clean the kitchen and living room.  I find the missing puzzle piece under the mess - woohoo!  Now we can complete the blue sky on our 2000 pc puzzle.

6:30pm we have kung pow chicken for dinner with rice.  Basically, rice in the rice cooker, I chop up veggies and throw in some popcorn chicken, 1 seasoning packet mixed with water, sugar, and soy sauce.  Viola! We love this.

7pm after dinner, we settled in for the 2000 pc puzzle.  We have about 200 pieces left.  It's coming together very verrrry sloooowwwly...We take Netflix breaks.

Kids usually get to bed around 9:30pm, and then they read for waaay too long.  G goes to bed around 9pm, and we read books and snuggle until she falls asleep.  Then, I try to sneak out and get some free time, clean up the kitchen, etc., hopefully around 10pm if "Operation Sleep" was successful.  We're a bit of a late night family.  Dh is a night owl and stays up until 1-2am.  I try to stay up with him, but some nights I have to head to bed earlier, just because I can't keep my eyes open.


LisaQuing said...

I'm a month behind but I loved reading this today! I am motivated to try one of my own. Haven't done one in ages! I just went back and found the first one I ever wrote (maybe the only?). It was from February 2006! Don't think I ever put it on my blog, but maybe I should.

teafish said...

I'm glad you did - I loved reading it! Amazing how times change.