Wednesday, December 18, 2013

One Hundred Chart

100s chart

Here is a goody for you today!  If you are like me, you're tickled pink by lovely hundreds charts and silly things like that.

It all started when my 4yo was helping me in the kitchen.

"When is Cubbies?" she asked.  We just made a cookie snack for her fellow cubbies, and she is quite excited.

"One hour and 45 minutes," I said, wondering if she can wait that long.

"Can you count to 45?" she asked.  And so it began.  We counted together.  It was a fabulous learning opportunity.

Next, we counted to 51, and then 60, and then 71, and then..."seventy-eighty", she requested, and there it landed flat.

Still, I was inspired and made a 100s chart for her.  We counted the squares gleefully, and then she took scissors and chopped the squares into itty bitty pieces.  Oh well.

Hopefully, your chart lasts longer!

100s chart (pdf format)

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