Wednesday, September 11, 2013

We're starting up our new school year, albeit slowly.  I have decided to begin counting weeks once CC starts.  CC has 24 weeks, and then we'll continue for 6 more after that (what's 24 + 6? 30!)  We typically school officially for 36 weeks, but I am counting it a bit differently this year.  We had plenty of math, science, museum and field trips, and reading (lots of reading) this summer to make up our extra 6 weeks, in order to get to 36 weeks total.

Our week was full, and we were only able to work on math and piano, as our at-home work.  The children were my guinea pigs in prepping for CC, so we also worked on memory work, as I practiced my tutoring skills.  The 12 yo had 2 volleyball games.  We had piano lessons.  Thursday, I met with my cousin, whom I hadn't seen in about 10 years; followed by a trip to the dentist with all 3 kids.  Then, we met fellow CC tutors at the park and rehearsed some hand motions and songs for our classes. 

Our past few weeks have been work-intensive:  we've fixed up and painted our front porch, harvested our garden, chopped and stacked wood for the winter, yard work, and worked on removing yellow jacket nests from within our house. 

Yes, the yellow jacket nests...

creepy yellow jacket photo, borrowed from Adkins Bee Removal.
There are 2 different nests in 2 different quarters of our upstairs bedroom-bathroom.  You can hear what starts as a faint tinkling, rain-falling type of sound, that gradually grows into a mad buzzing within the walls.  Is that creepy, or what?

And then, the kitchen...

Yellow jackets greeted me each morning in the kitchen.  It began as a few, and then increased to 10 each morning.  Pretty soon, I had the vacuum out all day, sucking up these yellow and black monsters.  Their nest was just outside the kitchen window, under the vinyl siding, just out of our reach.  Spray was useless.

During our first semi-week of school, I was stung twice!  On Tuesday, I grabbed a washcloth to wipe up a sticky 4-yo popsickle spill (i.e., "please be good during school" bribery).  I ran the washcloth under hot water and dabbed soap on it.  Squeeze.  Ouch!  There was a yellow jacket in the washcloth.

On Friday, we had finally found the entrance to the kitchen and plugged it with duct tape.  I took the vacuum around and made one last clean sweep of the area.  Then, I reached for the pre-algebra math book.  Ouch!  Another yellow jacket.  This time, my hand swelled and the pain reached into my finger joints and down into my wrist and arm.  My left hand was useless for the entire day.  Ice packs, allergy meds, and motrin were my friends.

We went to our homeschool group's Ice Cream Social, but I wasn't very social.  Sore, angry, and feeling very sorry for myself, I debated on even attending.  Homeschool friends helped me out of my mood and I was very glad to have gone.  Friday night ended with a volleyball game and I worked Admissions with a bum hand.

Saturday was volleyball practice in the morning and Kings Kids (church musical practice) in the afternoon.

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