Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The "Official" Week 1, Sept 9-13, 2013

We had our first CC day on Monday.  This includes memory work for English Grammar, Timeline, History Sentence, Latin (verb endings), Math, Science, and Geography.  The ART lesson was about the Elements of Shape (OILS - open circles, closed circles, straight lines, angled lines, and curving lines).  We drew pictures from the book Ed Emberley's Drawing Book of Faces, and examined how the Elements of Shape made up the pictures.  In Science, we determined that satellites must travel very fast to keep up with the slow, spinning pace of Earth - we demonstrated this with an experiment; two kids holding a rope, while one walked slowly.  The kid on the outside with the rope had to run to keep up with the kid walking slowly.  For grammar review, we played a game of Connect 4 with our review questions.  In the afternoon, my 10yo and I learned an overview of English Grammar (Essentials), and did our first Key Word Outline (IEW Middle Ages).  Then, the 12yo had to scoot off to a volleyball game immediately afterwards.

During the week, the 10yo worked on memorizing her charts for CC English Essentials Grammar.  She wrote her first paragraph from her Key Word Outline (KWO), and we edited it and rewrote it together.  She kept reviewing Week 1 CC material.  We also practiced drawing Continent Blobs, using this kit from Half a Hundred Acre Wood.  She also started lessons 90-something from Horizons Math 5, beginning fractions.

The 12yo did Test 6 from Horizons Pre-Algebra.  Pictographs, lesson 60.  She learned how to make Circle Graphs and calculate the values for the circle pieces.  And she reviewed Mean (Average) and Median.

In Science, the 12yo built a glider from balsa wood, and wrapped the wings in a shrinking plastic.  Long, long project, but it turned out really neat.  I think it took us about 4 hours to build the glider, in addition to the other lessons we got done that week. It's rather time intensive, and difficult to build with a 4yo around, but if you can get past the destructive, tantruming 4yo, or the 10yo that is having some sort of meltdown at any given moment, it's a really neat curriculum to do with a 12yo.

AWANA started up, so the 10yo and 4yo began memorizing scripture verses.  We had piano lessons on Wednesday.

Preschool: letter sound bingo, tried reading some words, practiced counting, geography for CC, and continued our body study (eyes).

Co-op started on Friday.  And then the 12yo had volleyball photos and a game after that.  The 12yo also had practice at 8am Saturday morning.  Wow, what a full week!  I didn't get in all the subjects I wanted to, but our days were as full as we could pack them.  In fact, I left this week feeling really drained and exhausted.

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