Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Name writing lessons

We've been working on the name writing thing for a long time.  G was interested in learning, but had been very frustrated by the tricky letter "G".  We'd tried Handwriting Without Tears's method of making a capital G, but it was still too difficult.  The best she could muster was a series of circles with lines through them, more circles, and a few hairy looking Es. 
A BIG THANK YOU to my good friend, who shared the "fish hooking" story.  I tried it with G and it worked like a charm!  Granted, our "g" is made in the wrong sequence, so diehard handwriting gurus may want to ignore the rest of my post...
So, I made a dot for our starting place, and a little fishy down left of the dot.  We "drop down and hook the fish".  Then, we "start back at the dot and make a bump".  This probably wasn't the way my friend teaches it, but I took a little creative license here.  The main thing is, G can write her name:)  We'll keep working on it until it's solid.  Eventually, she won't need the dot and the fish anymore. 
The last "E" got highly decorated by I was grabbing the camera.  She's my creative, crafty little preschooler:)

Yay! She did it! She wrote her name!
She proudly insisted on another photo of the artwork.

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Anonymous said...

wondering if a "BRAIN HAT" might help me think better, i could use a few extra brain cells