Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Not a turkey, not a pheasant...

     Georgie and I were walking back from the mailbox, when a large bird darts across our yard.  It veered onto our driveway, and began walking toward our home.

      So, we're following behind it.  I'm looking at this large bird and saying, "it's not a turkey, because it's too colorful.  It's not a pheasant, because it's much bigger and I don't see any red."

     I watched the thing keep a safe distance ahead and noticed the umbrella of blue feathers on its head and its stunning blue foliage on its neck.  It was reminiscent of creatures I've seen at the zoo.

   "Is it....?  It couldn't be..."

     My family must have thought I lost my mind when I burst in through the door, saying, "look up 'female peacock' on Google images!"  My husband pulled up pictures and I said, "that's the one!  We have a female peacock in our yard!"
    The 'female peacock' disappeared for awhile, but arrived back in our front lawn.  By now, we've been educated by my husband, who read up on peacocks.  It is a 'peahen', because 'peacock' is the male variety.
    It is a beautiful bird and fun to watch!  It makes the funniest sounds.  Here is a video of our peahen friend walking around our house making honking sounds.

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grandma said...

the peahen is quite pretty, she almost looks as though she has a top coat on.Very pretty shades of blue..Quite loud too