Friday, May 31, 2013

Week 36 and End of the School Year Review, 2012-13

I think I forgot to post my last week(s?) reviews, lol.  I think this is typical "can't this be over with now?" mentality. 

For our last 2 weeks of school, we prepped for the ITBS (Iowa standardized test), and then the kids took the test.  My oldest will also be taking the CogAt (Cognitive Abilities Test) this weekend.  I assigned reading. Z is working through the Little House series, beginning with Little House in the Big Woods, and now reading Little House on the Prairie.  A was bed-bound last week (wasn't feeling well) and did nothing but re-read her favorite books in bed all week.  This week I've assigned A Wrinkle in Time, and so far, she's not thrilled with it.  Honestly, I can't even remember what it's about; I just remember reading it as a child, and not being all that smitten with it myself.  Z also did a few math lessons.  Both kids are keeping up with piano over the summer.

We finished our last week of CC, cycle 1 (Week 24).  We are still working on memorizing the presidents, though.  There is a catchy little song some of us are using to memorize them.  One child (a certain 12 yo...) will not use the song to memorize them.  Over the summer, I am hoping to go back through the 24 weeks of memory work with a focus on some key things.

School Year Review
Overall, I took an interest-led tactic mixed with CC memory work, and a few mandatory core subjects, this year.  I think this was good, but if I had to do it again next year, I'd put a bit more structure and organization in place.  I'd focus more on writing essays.  I'd assign a book to read for literature and then I'd actually assign specific pages, rather than just saying, "here, read this book".  I would not allow them to complete their reading assignments at night in bed, as that has backfired for a certain 12yo who didn't actually read the book in bed.

Another thing I would do: balance my time better, keep to a stricter "schedule/routine-ish sort of thing", and keep a clean house.  I think we would have all learned more harmoniously with a cleaner home.  Those are really tough things for me to do, though!  Not sure if I actually *could* do this better if given the chance...

Both kids have grown in leaps and bounds with their math.  A is very confident in doing fractions and decimals, whether it is adding, subtracting, multiplying, or dividing.  She has a decent understanding of percents and ratios.  She's at the beginning of negative/positive numbers and solving basic algebraic equations.  I think by this time next year, she'll be solid on those, too.  Z has thoroughly mastered multi-digit multiplication and division.  She's at the beginning of fractions and decimals, so this is where I'll expect the most growth next year.

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