Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Georgyana's 4th Birthday

Happy 4th Birthday, Georgie!

10 Things About Georgie...

  1. She was born on "May Day" as a preemie at 30 weeks gestation, by emergency C-section.  She weighed 2 lbs 14 oz.  She stayed in NICU for 28 days.
  2. The NICU nurses always called her "feisty".  I asked why and they answered that they had to change her position every 20 mins, because she was always wiggling and not content.
  3. When she came home, she was the Baby That Never Slept.  I pumped breastmilk for her around the clock, but had to keep her in the crook of my knee while pumping for her, because she didn't sleep, lol!  That was really exhausting...
  4. I finally discovered that she slept on my shoulder.  We slept this way together for the 1st 6 months!
  5. She learned to breastfeed at 2 months old, just before her expected due date.
  6. She couldn't settle down to sleep and screamed non stop through every car ride.  Sometimes I could settle her by singing "Runaway" and other old 50s-60s music (why, I don't! We're not oldies people, here)
  7. She learned to walk at 17 and a half months old (just when I was starting to worry...)
  8. She seemed to love the color yellow.  Yellow, yellow, yellow.  But then at her 3rd birthday, she decided to explore the color Blue.  Ever since that day, everything is blue (with the occasional yellow), and she really wants a blue birthday cake and blue ice cream.  We're having a blue themed party.
  9. She was never a baby that attached to thumb sucking or pacifiers (she didn't soothe with either).  She liked to nurse, and nursed until she was 2 years and 4 months old.
  10. She is fiercely independent.  She plows ahead and does what she wants to do.  She can speak for herself, dress herself, cook for herself, prove you wrong, and get whatever she wants, when she wants it.
Sidenote:  time-outs are a real!

Okay, and a few more facts...

  • She pronounces the word "girl" as "GORE!" as in, "he's a boy, and I'm a GORE".  Likewise, "squirrel" is "SQUORE".
  • She likes the movie Cats & Dogs, but calls it "Ooo-Loo", after the puppy named "Lou"
  • She loves Shawn the Sheep and all things inspired from or by Shawn, such as Wallace & Gromit, and Timmy Time.  But Shawn the Sheep seems to be her #1 preference.
  • She likes My Little Pony, too (Friendship is Magic).
  • She likes to paint pictures and make crafts
  • She enjoys climbing trees and running through puddles (she loves the outdoors).  She also likes to find frogs and other living things.
  • She likes to read Curious George books, Sam-I-Am (Green Eggs and Ham), and other books like those.
  • She loves to wink, and has all sorts of funny, endearing expressions
She is my very last of 3 kids, and I love her dearly.  I love watching her become the motivated, capable, independent little girl that God created her to be!

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Anonymous said...

I couldn't stop smiling through the video and the description of our georgie girl! Nicely done! She has definetly enriched all our lives and so blessed we all are! I can't imagine life without her!She sure had a rough start as did her mom, i'm so thankful both of you made it through!